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Digital Imaging: Imagine the Possibilities
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CMOS X-Ray Detector Design at Large

Bryan Delodder knows that when it comes to digital x-ray imaging, no one input is more critical than another. You need all of it, product design, product strength, application expertise and customer input. A lower dose and higher QE help too. His enthusiasm for “large” format and tiled digital CMOS x-ray detectors and big pixels is for good reason. When you’re inspecting large things – like a pipe weld, or a chest cavity, you need a large imager to capture that detail.

Bryan provides an overview of what it takes to bring world-class, low-dose, high speed CMOS x-ray technology to market for dental, medical and industrial x-ray applications. Large pixels isn’t the way everyone’s going, but as he tells it, “If you’re going to try and do something different, it better be something that’s also valuable.”