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Panoramic Peek: Brazil Belongs to a Smarter Planet

Behind the scenes with Rodrigo Cerqueira and Panograma as they put their 360° System to work for IBM

Earlier we highlighted how Rodrigo Cerqueira and his company, Panograma, were tackling the technical and cinematographic challenges of panoramic vision. So what does it look like, and is it worth it?

Panograma just completed a project with Ogilvy, and Paranoid BR  as part of IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative.

A beautiful world with smarts. Watch the video here.

The panoramic video was created with the Freedom360 Rig with six GoPro 3 cameras.

Cinematographer Rodrigo Cerqueira explains how his panoramic camera works.

A DJI s800 professional flying platform lifts the panoramic camera above the streets of Belenzinho, a neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil. The hexacopter can lift up to 2.5 kilograms.

Rodrigo Cerqueira (left) with Junio Lopes from Caraca Drones. The entire shoot was done in a single long day, starting at 5:30am and going until 8:30pm.