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Digital Imaging: Imagine the Possibilities
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Putting Doughnuts on the Line

Vision and robotics aid in the production of more perfect sweets.

Glazed but not confused: robotic vision boosts quality in donut production

A sweet inspection where three companies combine to ensure consistent, uniform, and package-ready donut perfection. This video provides an overview of the integration of robotics, multi-dimensional 2D and 3D vision inspection, and software processing that results in minimized costs and maximized production. The fully integrated inspection system provides color classification, shape verification, and identification of errors that aid process adjustments and allow predictive maintenance, ultimately reducing waste and increasing plant efficiencies.

Fanuc, Cretec Cybernetics, and Teledyne DALSA take us from baking to glazing, from sprinkling to packaging, with commentary from Fanuc Sales Manager Christian Schulte, Cretec Cybernetics CEO, Alexander Trebing, and Cybernetics Specialist Svenja Waller.