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Digital Imaging: Imagine the Possibilities
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Rex Geveden: “Imaging is Pervasive.”

For former NASA engineer and administrator Rex Geveden, possibility is a thread he’s pursued his entire career.

Digital imaging is showing up just about everywhere and with it comes both challenge and opportunity. As it becomes more pervasive, imaging will allow us to learn more about our environment—from the depths of the ocean floor to the furthest reaches of space.

Rex Geveden knows all about it. He had direct oversight of ten field centers and all mission and flight programs, including the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, the Hubble telescope, the Rover missions, planetary exploration, space science, and aeronautics during his 17 year tenure at NASA. Now, as Executive Vice President of Teledyne Technologies, leading the Digital Imaging segment and as President of Teledyne DALSA, Geveden’s experience and vision are well placed to take imaging even further.